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today i am thinking about: VEGETABLES
June 16, 2009, 9:46 pm
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1. These are the foods I remember eating at home growing up:

  • Orange juice chicken, made by cooking a chicken with orange juice concentrate. I HATED this food.
  • Corn meal pancakes made by my dad in the morning when we didn’t have ballet or sunday school. I LOVED this food.
  • Turkey loaf from a freezer. The top half was white meat, the bottom half was dark meat, and it was a perfect rectangle. I LOVED this food.
  • Romaine salad which meant romaine lettuce cut up with maybe some carrot circles or some other random vegetable like a bell pepper. I picked out the good parts, meaning the extra vegetables. I HATED this food, unless we were lucky and had croutons or ranch dressing.
  • Turkey goosh, aka my dad’s stir fry, some variation on the following: ground turkey, bell peppers, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, a little white wine maybe, all served over rice or cous cous or potatoes. I LOVED this food.
  • One dollar Chinese food from Magic Dragon, which was cashew chicken or honey sesame chicken. By the end of the year or so where this was all we ate, I HATED this food.
  • Turkey sandwiches: mayo, turkey, havarti or swiss, a lettuce leaf, red pepper ribbons. Sometimes with chips, even. I LOVED this food.
  • Tillamook extra sharp cheddar. I LOVED this food.
  • Eggs my dad would make, with lots of cheese and dill or basil and red pepper or carrots or onion or garlic.
  • These instant or convenience foods: rice pudding, chocolate pudding, sour cream and onion potato chips, Yoplait lemon yogurt, then later cherry or piña colada or strawberry banana.

2. These are foods I ate as a young adult, living on my own and being broke, which are still the foods I most often eat today:

  • Frozen chicken breasts from Trader Joe’s thawed and made into a quesadilla/sandwich/tortilla/salad/pasta topping/soup addition.
  • Tortillas.
  • Toast. Earth Balance > Butter was one of the great discoveries of about 2005.
  • Yogurt.
  • Chicken top ramen with spinach or broccoli, mushrooms, and an egg cracked in.
  • Eggs scrambled with spinach and cheddar cheese or mushrooms.
  • Pudding.
  • Pizza
  • Everything bagels toasted with regular or (if feeling posh!) scallion cream cheese.
  • Turkey burgers.

3. Here are some ways I know you can make vegetables:

  1. Steamed, plain.
  2. Steamed, with butter and salt.
  3. Steamed, with cheese.
  4. Raw, plain.
  5. Raw, with dipping sauce.
  6. Stirred around in a pan until wilted or soft and served.
  7. Stirred around in a pan until wilted or soft and added into eggs.
  8. Call for delivery.

4. Here are some vegetables currently in my CSA — float your mouse over them to see what they are!:

salad radishes!salad radishes! sugar peas!sugar peas! slicing beets!slicing beets! italian parsley!italian parsley!
fancy mixed greens!fancy mixed greens! green romaine lettuce!green romaine lettuce! red romaine lettuce!red romaine lettuce! baby bok choy!baby bok choy!

5. Here are some facts about the standard American diet:

6. Here are some things I know how to make with the things in my CSA:

  • ……
  • ……
  • Clearly, I have a lot to learn. Please leave a suggestion in the comments!


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    Here’s what I would do with what’s in yr box: Slice up the boy choy, saute it with garlic and onions in olive oil, add your peas close to the end so that you don’t over cook them. Make a salad with the rest of your ingredients & I’d do a balsamic vinagrette – or you could try pickling your beets!

    Comment by farmerdude

    Braising! This is your friend when it comes to cooking greens – it’s especially good with baby bok choy, which is why it comes to mind. basically you heat up some oil with whatever spices or aromatics (onions, garlic, shallots, leeks – that whole family of things) you want; put your greens in (if the bok choy is a very tiny baby, you can even just cut them in half, otherwise, chop roughly) and let them saute for a minute or two and then pour in enough stock (or bullion powder + water) or other flavorful liquid until it comes up maybe one third of the height of the greens; toss a lid on it and wait some minutes (for baby bok choy maybe 5; for kale maybe 20; for collards give it an hour); and you’re done!

    i’ve been quick pickling radishes a lot lately, and they’re quite easy and delicious. info here:

    Comment by shayn

    oh, shayn, that is V. good advice and even if ariel doesn’t take it, i am going to (ps i miss you)

    Comment by rachel

    also, there are few things better or simpler than very briefly steamed fresh sugar snap peas with butter and salt. every time i try to do anything else to fresh peas, no matter how good or bad it turns out, i’m disappointed that i didn’t just steam them and slather them with butter. i like them raw with hummus as well, but that sort of is implied in your salad example.

    Comment by shayn

    i like item 3.8.

    Comment by tony

    argh, i fucked up the link. here’s what it should have said:

    hey ariel, here’s a radish salad that blaney and i made with the radishes in our csa share last week. it was awesome! xot

    Comment by theo

    So, I am without suggestions for you because your idea of what to do with veggies strongly resembles my idea of what to do with veggies.
    But I thoroughly enjoyed the lists…and the similarities to my own previous/present diet. Yep.

    Comment by Joy

    I know right? I feel like I am learning skills I should have learned long ago. So far I am at a very rudimentary refinement, ie, OK I WILL JUST THROW VEGETABLES IN THIS. Someday I hope to really get places. Here’s to vegetable learning solidarity!

    Comment by glitzkreig bop

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