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today, briefly, i am thinking about: FATSHION
September 13, 2009, 6:23 pm
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There is a longer post here, but right now i am taking a little break mid-Soho and i am thinking abt a few things about fashion. By which i mean FATSHION.

Here’s the story. I am a picky shopping asshole. Ask ppl who shop with me – it takes me forever to make any selection. Is it right, is it cheap enough, is it flexible enough, cute enough, ridiculous enough, fun enough? Is it the right gender and the right cut and a fabric i like? How much does it cost? Can I even fit into it?

Let’s be honest with each other, internet. I wear a size 20-22 pants or abt a 48 inch waistband, an xl in men’s shirts. I am 5’10” and i think abt 270 lbs. This makes me larger than many men, most women, most PEOPLE. I am not deathfat but i’m big.

I cannot think of 3 stores in Soho that carry pants i can fit into, and i can fit into most knit men’s xl and some woven men’s xl and not always even that. So I have a few options, sort of. That’s it.

I am vain bc i want clothes that look good and i admit that puts me in the “do these make me look fat” category. I envy the kids who are able to let that go more and have more fun. I am fat, and clothes aren’t going to hide that. I wish i just cared less abt it. I wish i didn’t get so mad that these stores didn’t carry clothes for me.

Fat kid stores – fat girl stores, at least – don’t even get me STARTED. I am not a diva, a goddess, any of it.

More later, internet – I am working on a big post about this. Tell me a story about your favorite thing to wear in the comments.

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well, I just got a black velvet jacket for $24 on fat man clearance and goddamn I am hoping it fits. Right now, my fatshion issue is with fat man stores who assume that if you are over a certain weight that you must be at least 6’2″ with the inseam to match. I am 5’6″, short but not teeny. I am ridiculously short in the legs, however (as I frequently complain). 28″ inseam pants drag on the ground. It’s a problem. I am what the suit stores now politely refer to as “executive fit” – what used to be called portly, or pear-shaped man. Short in the leg, long in the torso, and round. Unfortunately, you only get to be but so round before the “executive fit” sizes no longer go up high enough to fit you. And then you are back at reconstructing a way-too-big suit to fit you, like I did with my wedding suit. I am of a mind to take a trip somewhere where custom-fit suits are not so expensive and just get a few made.

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