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today i am thinking about: ELECTRONIC NERD 2
December 24, 2009, 2:02 am
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So since we have last talked, progress has been made. Oh yes, friends, progress has been made.

Arduino Things
1) How do button presses work in Arduino?
2) How do I assemble the WaveShield and get *it* to work?
3) How do I get the WaveShield to play on a button press?
4) How do I get the button in question to be the hook switch (ie, how do I get the hook switch wired into the Arduino)

5) How do I get the song to turn OFF when the switch changes?
Phone Wiring Things
1) How the fuck is a phone wired, anyways?
2) Can I pass current from a 9v battery through the hook switch to do things like light an LED?
3) Will the hook switch actually pass useful information to the Arduino?

4) How do I get the handset to connect to a 3.5mm jack?
5) Can I actually get the 3.5mm conversion to work?
Project Things
1) What sound do I want to use?
2) Just because I can get all the moving parts working, will the moving parts work together?
3) How does anyone ever do this without a computer science/electrical engineering background?!
4) How will I power this thing?

That’s right, folks, we have gotten all the way to getting the song to turn on with a button press.

Hilariously, though, the hardest part — the hardest part of all! — is getting the song to TURN BACK OFF when the button switch changes state. I am working with a couple of different sketches for basic stuff — the LadyAda 6-button player and the digital audio player —

Ok, I was writing this and hacking along simultaneously and I would like to let you know that IT WORKS. You pick up the phone, songs play. You put it down, they stop. REPEAT AD NAUSEUM.

So now that is left is:
1) Power source this guy!
2) Get the handset to work
3) Put it all back inside the telephone

WHAT A GOOD NIGHT. Pictures to follow, and more narrative.