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today i am thinking about: NEW PHONES AT LAST
March 27, 2010, 1:21 am
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My preciouses. My preciouses! Look!

Ever since the last phone got disappeared — in the full sense of the word — I have needed some new guys. I got a new Arduino and new WaveShield a little while ago, but stalled out. Finding analogue phones to play with and take apart is not actually all that straightforward, in large part because my budget is very very small. I had been watching Craigslist — and there are some real beauties out there — but finally I turned to my old friend Freecycle NYC.

And I got what I needed! Three phones! Thanks to Dennis at JonKeith Communications, Inc — my new favorite telecom and IT firm in New York — I got three phones out of their surplus closet. This is their story.

This is the taking apart video. This is a Lenoxx Sound (no website of their own any more!) telephone, model HAC PH-312. Manuals were not forthcoming as far as I could tell but I admit I did not spend a ton of time with Google and more might turn up. This guy uses a UM91215-C dialer chip which I think manages everything — the circuitry, the dialing, all of it. I am still wildly unsure about that and will probably end up doing something ridiculous like drawing a whole schematic so I can understand it.

But I took it apart and did a little research. This guy will probably be my next project. Look at that built in speaker on the back of the phone! We are going to have a beautiful friendship, that speaker and I. I wonder what stories it will tell?

I will admit that I got a little ridiculous with the cheap sound effects. YouTube’s new sound eater upper content scan thing makes me a little nervous. And I am a clown and I love a good boiiiiing.