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today i am thinking about: things i believe in
July 22, 2010, 5:00 am
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i believe in small town gay bar karaoke

driving through america

saying hi to people you confuse in the bathroom

mountains, real mountains, mountains that are more than ten thousand feet in the air

old friends

learning about family


fresher air

i believe in stars

in love

in skype chat

in genius

in my work

in remembering when to do things for the glory and when to do them because they’re great

i believe in at least trying to remember when there was a time i was not so driven.

i believe in letting myself be where i’m at.

i believe in remembering love comes in many forms and shapes

that the correct choice is expansion, not contraction

that the correct choice is risk, not terror

that all these things take time.

i believe in bourbon on wednesday

that becomes bourbon on thursday.

i want to say i believe in letting go, but i don’t;

i believe in holding on

i believe in treasures.