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today I am thinking about: things to do better next year
September 25, 2012, 4:05 pm
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1) actually do the thing I said I'd do when trying to apologize for my own racism. stop making it too complicated and just do it already.

2) find space between “IT'S ALL ABOUT ME BITCHEZZZ” and a self-obliterating humility.

3) stop trying to hedge my bets for the best thing at all times. the things I have are amazing. may this be a year of depth, not just breadth.

4) i would like to be at least 35% less needlessly self-critical and 35% more full of integrity.

5) give more dollars to more people on the train. get the rest of my giving back in order.

6) no more settling for good enough but no more letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. If 15 seconds is the difference, do it right, but maybe it doesn't matter so much if I don't have 3 stars on all the levels of my bubble pop game.

7) continue to cultivate a politics of being a good person, not saying the right thing. maybe do this for real this year.

8) learn how to lead without being so ego-driven

9) make even MORE kickass work and focus less on quantity more on quality and what I am excited to do.

10) do better at remembering that just bc you see class, that doesn't mean you get a pass for race.

11) excitement is awesome, but doesn't have to be the ruling force. no commitments I can't follow through on. no flaking by being busy.

12) this year: more friends fewer “oh sometime let's hang out”s

13) here is to balancing more effectively being a sparkle pony and being a kind of normal, if dadly, lez. no apologies and that means no apologies for either one.

14) here is to being kinder, less judgy, less shit-talky, and more wiling to be in someone else's shoes.